Difference between R12 and R134a?


You cannot mix R12 system with a different refrigerant because they are not compatible. If you have a R-12 system, then you should either use R-12 or 'convert' the system to R-134a and ensure you fix the leak first.
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1. Any R-12 remaining in your car must be recovered by a certified professional using a specialized recovery machine that prevents leaks into the atmosphere. It is illegal to handle
R12 and R134a are two different types of chemicals used in vehicle refrigeration systems. If you mix the two together, you can corrode the system and cause major damage.
The compressor would fail very quickly. The two refrigerants require completely different oil and the oil R134a requires can't tolerate even traces of chlorine such as R12 (HCFC)
quoted $1,300 for a conversion from R12 to
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