Can I Move Out at Age 17 in Missouri?


In Missouri, the age of legality is 18 years old, not 17, and you are under your parent(s)'s care and control until you have reached that age. There are ways to be emancipated by following state laws, but you must have valid reasoning to do so. 
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The legal age of majority for the state of MO. is 18. Missouri has a law that designates a 17-year old as being an "adult" for adjudication purposes only. Which means a
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Not Legal Advice: In Texas, one is considered a legal adult at age 17 and can move out.
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A 17 year old in Missouri has a right to move out, however until he/she reaches the age of eighteen he/she is still the parent's responsibility. Some of these ...
If you are living in Texas and wondering, “what happens if I move out at 17,à ...
The age of majority for a minor in Missouri is 18. The age of majority is defined as the age where a minor is granted rights by law of an adult. ...
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