Can I Own a Meerkat?


Yes, you can own a meerkat. Meerkats are illegal to own in the United States if you do not have the proper exotic animal licenses and permits accompanying them. You will more than likely need to complete training hours with the animal before being allowed to own one.
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You can own a meerkat just like other pet. It cost between 900 to 1500 euros. Meerkats were originally bought from zoos by experienced breeders from Botswana.
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In as much as meerkats are cute and cuddly, they are unsuitable as indoor pets. They are aggressive hunters suited for outdoor activities and will not tolerate ...
Meerkats can be domesticated as evidenced by the huge number of Meerkats that are purchased as pets from the exotic pet refuge in Deeping, Saint James in the UK. ...
The Meerkat is a highly intelligent small mammal, and member of the mongoose family. A Meerkat can run as fast as twenty miles per hour at full speed and run with ...
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