Can I Paint My KOOL Deck around My Pool?


You can paint your cool deck around your pool. However, the paint can fill up the texturing in the cool deck making it slippery which is not a good thing. Also, everything that is painted will, at some time, require to be painted again, hence another maintenance chore.
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1. Determine how much Kool Deck you need to do the job. The product, sold in units, covers 300 square feet per unit. 2. Begin the Kool Deck installation when you can walk on the pool's
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1 Prepare the area . Although this is one of the smaller sections around the pool deck, it's important because it will drain this section of concrete pad into a corner French drain.
Make sure you sweep and then wash the area really good to remove dirt and any oil. Then paint the new color ,made just for cement. I think a light tan,like sand would look nice and
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1. Move all objects away from the Kool deck before you begin cleaning. These would include pool toys, pool cleaning supplies and sandals. If the Kool deck is wet ...
To apply KOOL Deck into your swimming pool, determine the amount you need then install it when you can walk on the pool's deck without leaving footprints. Mix ...
When you are removing a peeling Kool Deck paint you will need a three inch putty knife, hammer, cold chisel and metal wire brush. The first step is to place the ...
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