Can I Paint My Side of My Neighbours Fence?


When an idividual wants to paint on his side of the fence, he or she must consult the neighbour.It would be regarded as a criminal offence as the neighbour has a right to to be informed.
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1. Spread a drop cloth under the picket fence to catch dust and drops of paint that would otherwise fall on the ground. 2. Scrape off old bits of paint from the picket fence using
Call the police! If it's on your side, you have every right to make changes to it.
I'm assuming you had a wooden fence erected and you had the poles on the outside facing your neighbors yard. Too bad!!!!! It's your fence. I did the same thing with mine. I wanted
flat side is supposed to face out but its your money so therefore your call.
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A neighbor can not come into your yard and paint your side of the fence if the fence is on your property line. They would have to get permission from you to do ...
You can paint your neighbours fence only if your neighbour gives you permission to do so. Painting the fence without your neighbour's permission is a criminal ...
One of the biggest pros of installing vinyl fencing is the fact that it does not have to be painted. Vinyl fencing is also easy to clean. One of the biggest cons ...
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