Can I Paint the inside of the Toilet Bowl?


No, you can't paint the inside of the toilet bowl if it is porcelain. Any paint would come off. You can have it refurbished by the companies that re-co old porcelain bathtubs.
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1. Scrub the toilet with warm water, detergent and a scrubbing sponge to get it clean prior to painting. 2. Spray the toilet with white vinegar from a spray bottle to disinfect it
Teflon can harbor mold and is not suitable to be under water. It will absorb water over time and become weak. Glass is highly stable and can endure incredibly harsh environments.
Try using a toilet snake or closet auger. You
Try a product called "CLR"it's a calcium, lime, rust, remover available at grocery and hardware stores. White vinegar has been proven to work time and again to remove hard
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According to my plumber if a toilet bowl will not fill with water it is often because the tank is not flushing. The flushing mechanism inside the tank may need ...
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