Can I play DVDs on a Wii?


No, the Wii is not designed or licensed to play DVDs. A complex process involving multiple steps and items and the installation of unofficial, third-party software is possible, but the DVD playback is not optimal.

The Wii does have channels available such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube, which are great ways to watch videos without using DVDs. Netflix and Hulu Plus require a paid subscription, but YouTube is available at no cost. If these channels are not already on the Wii home screen, they may be downloaded through the Wii Shop channel. If you are looking for a console that plays DVDs, consider the Xbox 360 or PlayStation3.

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You have to install a special software FOOL.
You can't play DVDs on a Wii. Some people do this by hacking into their Wii, and all this other stuff. But I wouldn't do it, trust me. It could mess up your whole entire Wii! (Please
You can play DVDs on your Wii by using DVD to Wii Converters or by installing a Homebrew Channel on your Wii (risk of bricking your console) report this answer. Updated on Sunday,
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One can play DVDs on the Nintendo Wii as long as they have the requisite equipment. These are: Wii with system version 3.2, a FAT/FAT32 formatted SD card, an SD ...
Yes, you can play a DVD on a wii. Just insert it in the same place you would insert the game. It should automatically accept the DVD and boot it up on the main ...
By default, no, the Wii cannot play DVDs straight out of the box. There are ways for it to play DVDs, however, but enabling the ability may void the warranty.To ...
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