Can I Put Bleach on My Teeth?


Bleach application on teeth should be done by a professional dentist. Household bleach should not be used on the teeth as this could cause several complications.
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1. Make an appointment with your dentist and discuss the pros and cons of tooth bleaching. You should ask if there are any side effects that can cause harm to your gums or teeth.
1. Bleach your teeth with baking soda. If this stuff can be found in toothpaste, it's got to work. Turns out there are free radicals in baking soda that can penetrate through your
put some on a cotton swab then rub your teeth with the cotton swab then drink a little. NOT TOO MUCH. if you drink too much lay down and have a nap.
You'll wear down your enamel, not to mention that bleach is poisonous!
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