Can you put Uggs in the washing machine?


Ugg boots should never be placed in a washing machine or taken to the dry cleaners. Because they are constructed of sheepskin, their nap may be damaged by the detergent and submersion in water, and their shape may be destroyed by the agitation.

Pairs that have begun to show wear can be restored with a sheepskin cleaner and conditioner. Applied by hand with clean water and a sponge, this product is simple to use for caring for Uggs at home. And, to extend the life of the boots and prevent staining, a sheepskin protector can be applied before wearing for the first time.

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Can I Put My Uggs in the Washing Machine?
Uggs are an Australian boot made of sheepskin and/or wool. These boots are worn by both men and women, as well as children. As these boots are versatile, working equally well in casual or dressier outfits, they may become soiled from frequent wear.... More »
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