Can I Refill My Own Ink Cartridges?


You can refill your own cartridge but always remember to never let your ink cartridges dry out, it is always best to refill them when their is a small amount of ink left in them this way you are not letting the print head dry up.
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Make sure you have the area covered, Ink does stain and do not wear white unless you trying to get a tie-dyed look, wear rubber gloves. Obtain the refill kit according to the cartridge
1. You can get inkjet kits from your local office supply store and discount stores such as Target or Walmart. You can also order them from Internet sites. The kits contain ink, blunt
1. Attach your cartridge to the cartridge holder. 2. Make sure your cartridge fits into the cartridge holder. 3. Attach cartridge grip to stabilize your cartridge. 4. Load the ink
1. Remove the printer cartridge from the printer. Peel away the label on the top of the cartridge. Take out the contents of the black ink refill kit. There will be one bottle of black
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There is no real secret to refilling the Lexmark ink cartridges. If you want to refill the ink cartridges on your own, the best thing to do is purchase a do-it-yourself ...
To refill printer ink cartridges, you will need to purchase an ink refill kit at an office supply store. Installing the cartridges will depend on the printer ...
To refill Epson C62 Ink Cartridges, place a strip of vinyl tape over the ink outlet spacing on the bottom of the cartridge and drill a hole in the centre of the ...
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