Can I Remove My Own Stitches?


You should not remove your own stitches. By doing so you risk the skin becoming infected because the stitches were removed incorrectly. This could cause serious health problems and the wound to not heal properly.
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Take tweezers and pull the stitch up as far as possible and then cut as close to the skin as possible.
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It is not advisable to remove your own stitches because there is a high risk of infection and the stitches may not have healed and this could lead to the wound reopening. If you really must remove the stitches, do it under the instructions of a doctor.
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To remove stitches yourself you need a pair of sterile scissors. Tweezers may also be helpful. Cut the stitches with the scissors and pull out the thread with ...
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To prevent scarring after you get stitches, you should make sure that you ask your doctor to remove your stitches after about one week to avoid the getting 'track ...
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