Can I Replace a New Pull Chain on a Ceiling Fan That Broke inside in Fan?


Yes in my experience it is possible to replace a new pull chain on a ceiling fan that is broken inside the fan. You will basically need to open the housing of the fan where the chain pull is located and replace it. It is not difficult and only takes a few tools.
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1. Turn off the power to the ceiling fan. If your fan is powered by a wall switch, turning off the switch will suffice, but if fed directly, then you will have to find the breaker
You will have to replace the entire switch. The switch is held in by the collar that the chain (used to) comes through. It just screws off. Then you have to twist off the wire nuts
take the old switch off as suggested and take it with you to your local hardware store so you can show then what you want. shut the power off to the fan first because there are electric
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