Can I Return a Vehicle after Purchase?


Before a buyer buys a car from a dealer, he or she should be clear about the dealer's written return policy and ask about "implied warranties" beyond the written warranty. The buyer's ability to return a car for a refund--even within two or three days--is based on these policies. Otherwise, a return is solely at the dealer's discretion. Private sales are usually "as is." For dealer sales issues, buyers can contact the Better Business Bureau, state attorney general, Department of Motor Vehicles, or seek legal relief under small claims court mediation or the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. For private sales, buyers can contact the state attorney general or local consumer protection agency.

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It is possible to return a vehicle after buying, but refunds are often considered a last choice by dealers. The amount of refund you can claim depends on the period you have owned the car, and the total mileage the car has covered.
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There is no return policy unless the dealer agrees to this. You bought the car so it is yours. A car dealer is not like Walmart where you can return an item you bought.
1. Inquire about the dealer's return policy. Don't accept a spoken agreement between you and the seller that you may return the car. Get a statement in writing or a clause added to
If you purchased it other than "as is" it would
Once you drive it off the lot, it's your vehicle. You can't return a vehicle just because you've changed your mind. If that were the case, everybody would just buy and return vehicles
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