Where can I see pictures of real sea monkeys?


Sea monkeys are actually brine shrimp, which are found in salt lakes, such as the Great Salt Lake in Utah. Therefore, to see pictures of real sea monkeys, an image search for "brine shrimp" is the best way.

Brine shrimp go through cryptobiosis, an ametabolic state of life in response to an adverse environment condition such as dessication, as is the case with sea monkeys. Brine shrimp lay encapsulated eggs called cysts. They can remain viable for years after drying out. To hatch the eggs, all people have to do is place the cysts in salt water. After the eggs hatch, which happens very quickly, the shrimp themselves reach adulthood in approximately eight days. They can grow as big as half an inch. They became popular as pets through marketing in comic books, at which time a mail-order marketer renamed them "Amazing Sea Monkeys."

Searching for pictures of "real sea monkeys" will yield everything from the cartoon images in advertisements to stylized photos of brine shrimp. However, searching for images of just "brine shrimp" yields photos of the actual animals in addition to sketches of their gender distinctions and life cycles. Wikipedia shows several pictures of brine shrimp in different phases of life, including the cysts. Brine Shrimp Direct features photos of real brine shrimp as well as very detailed information about them.

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