Can I Still Be Pregnant Even If I Had My Period?


There are, in fact, several ways that you can be pregnant and still have your period. If your conception occurs closely with your menstruation, you will still have a cycle.
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You cannot have your menstrual period during your pregnancy. Vaginal bleeding is normally confused with the menstrual period but it is not the same as a period.
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You can be pregnant and still have a period. Generally what you are experiencing is not actually a period, but rather implantation bleeding. When the egg implants into the uterus
First you need patience and determination. So go see your Gynaecologist, get blood work done and find out why your periods are not regular Chances are your thyroid levels are out
99% chance that you ARE NOT PREGNANT if it was a period. HOWEVER if it was just some spotting and you still have symptoms that you might be pregnant, there was just extra lining in
No and no one can, here is why... This is one of the most FAQs that I encounter at both the WebMD Fertility Center and the Pregnancy Board at WebMD: "Is it normal to have a PERIOD
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In my experience, yes it is possible for a woman to still get pregnant even if she has irregular periods or an absence of a period. If you are not having a period ...
Yes, you can still get pregnant even if you have no periods at the age of 20. It will be harder, but it is possible to continue to ovulate even when you have no ...
One can have a period and still be pregnant if the periods are prolonged by excessive bleeding. This occurs when the bleeding extends even after ovulation has ...
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