Can I Substitute Bread Flour for All Purpose Flour?


Yes, you can substitute bread flour for all purpose flour. Look for an all purpose brand that has a similar amount of protein to bread flour.
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bisquick is biscuit mix babe
Oh, wow. Separate flours are a such a pain, aren't they? Bob Red Mill's all-purpose flour changed my life. That is hardly an exaggeration. : I can make my mom's sugar cookies now
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The biggest difference between bread flour and all-purpose flour is the amount of protein found in the flour. In the case of flour, protein is known as gluten, ...
To make your own bread flour out of all purpose flour, you will simply need to mix one cup of all purpose flour with one tablespoon vital wheat gluten. ...
Plain flour is the same as all-purpose flour. It is an combination of hard and soft wheat and generally contains 8 to 11 percent wheat protein or gluten.All-purpose ...
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