Can I Substitute Peppermint Extract for Mint?


In most recipes, you may substitute peppermint extract for mint. However, the amount of each will not be the same as pepper mint has a much stronger flavour.
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1. Replace one-fourth the amount of peppermint oil as your recipe calls for extract. For instance, if your recipe requires 1 tsp. of peppermint extract, replace it with 1/4 tsp. of
Vanilla extract can be used in replace of peppermint extract.
The two mints taste different but if no one knows you will be fine. Both mints are extracted from the leaves of the being the peppermint leaf and the other being the mint
I cannot give you a substitute for that, but I say find another chocolate mint mousse recipe that does not have chocolate extract. I think a regular chocolate mousse recipes &
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Peppermint Extract makes a delicious addition to baked foods such as cookies, cakes and chocolate desserts as well as beverages such as pepper mint ice-cream. ...
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