Can You Take Aerosol Hairspray on a Plane?


Aerosols can be taken on a plane; they are restricted to 100 ml in the hand luggage. Any larger aerosols have to go in your luggage in the hold. However, the only types of aerosols permitted on a plane are toiletries and medical items.
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You can take aerosol with you on the plane. However, it is limited to 100ml or lesser containers, so any big aerosols will have to go in your luggage in the hold. To find out more on what you can take with you on the plane you may need to consult with your travel agency
You may be able to carry aerosols in an plane subject to proof of verification. The liquid container should not exceed 100ml.
You can carry aerosols in an aeroplane provided it is not more than 100ml. If it's more than that it should be put with the main luggage. If an aerosol is to be carried as hand luggage the same should be put in a small resalable bag.
Aerosols that have no subsidiary risk, for sporting or home use are permitted in checked baggage only. Ever single article's total net quantity should not exceed 0.5 kg or 0.5 L. Their release valves should be protected by cap or any other suitable means to stop inadvertent release of the contents.
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