Can I Take Halls Cough Drops While Pregnant?


Halls Cough Drops can be taken while pregnant. However, you should contact your doctor before taking cough drops if you are concerned. You can also take cough drops while pregnant.
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i was told by my doctor to avoid the menthol ones all together while pregnant. Source(s) 30 weeks with number 2.
Zinc lozenges ( have been used to speed recovery from the common
You shouldn't do oral with a halls cough drop as it can become lodged in your throat and cause you to have a choking emergency.
On a package of Halls Defense VitaminC says they are distributed by Cadbury in NJ and made in Canada. Web site Questions call 1-800-524-2854.
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Yes, it is fine to take Halls while pregnant. Halls is a great throat drop that clears the urge to cough and any dry throat symptoms. ...
Cough drops can be taken when pregnant. You can also use over-the-counter expectorants, and some cough suppressants. ...
If you are pregnant, it is recommended to consult with a doctor before you take any Halls cough drops. This comes from the company Halls. Halls cough drops were ...
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