Can I Take Theraflu While Pregnant?


TheraFlu can sometimes be taken once or twice while pregnant if under a doctors care. It should not be taken more than twice due to harmful effects that can occur to the fetus. Side effects of TheraFlu while pregnant include seizures, nausea and rapid heartbeat.
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Honestly I used it with my pregnancy. My prior pregnancy I got sick and the doc gave me Robitussin with codeine. I do not see how theraflu can be any worse. I just used it sparingly
When you are pregnant, avoid foods that are high in fat and grease, as they may make you feel sick. Also, do not eat raw foods or undercooked meats. And limit your seafood intake,
1. Prepare for sore nipples, even if you've never had sore nipples. The hormones in pregnancy make a woman's nipples more sensitive. Consider using Lasinoh or leave a drop of breastmilk
1 Do not try to diet while pregnant. [1] You should never try to lose weight while pregnant unless your doctor specifically tells you otherwise. Do not start a weight-loss regimen
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