Can I Tax My Car without a Logbook?


To tax a car without the logbook, you may require items such as a third party insurance as well as a MOT or a Ministry of Transportation test certificate which confirms a passed inspection.
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You can tax your car without a log book. To do this one requires items such as a third party insurance and an MOT certificate.
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Well first off congratulations on not being caught for driving with no would of been a pretty expensive way to find out you had no tax.Providing your car is insured and m.o.t
Not Legal Advice:If you don't have the log book,you can tax it at the Post Office using the new keeper supplement.To obtain your log book,call at 0300 790 6802.
In UK Log books can take up to 6 weeks to come back to you. Contact DVLA and ask about it. You will not be able to get taxed without it. Normal Opening Times Monday to Friday 8.00
If you wish to export vehicles and don't want to register vehicles and pay taxes every time you buy them you have to have a dealers license. For exporters a wholesale dealers license
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You can tax your car without a logbook as long as you have valid insurance and a MOT test certificate if your car is older than 3years. To tax your vehicle, you ...
To tax a car with no logbook, just secure a V62 vehicles registration form from the nearest post office. It should be completed and filled in the name of the person ...
One can sell a car without a log book though this is very rare due to suspicions of theft. The new owner would still have to apply for a new log book as legal ...
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