Can I Trade in a Car I'M Still Making Payments on?


You can trade your car that you're still making payments on. The balance that is owed on the current car will be added to the amount owed for the new car. It's often a good idea to sell the car that you're paying on, pay off the amount owed then purchase a new one.
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1. Check the trade-in value for your car by using the Kelley Blue Book website (see Resources) Be sure to enter in your zip code and make selections for any special features that
People buy cars frequently with the other not paid off. They give you some credit for what the car is worth minus the depreciation, and amt owed. Then when you purchase your new car
The executor must make the payments from any assets of the deceased Estate until the Estate is settled.
Talk to your local insurance agent or go to an insurance
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It is possible to trade in your car if you still owe money on it. It is referred to as being upside down in the loan. It normally happens the time you purchase ...
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