Can I Transfer My SSI Benefits to Another State?


Yes, you can transfer your SSI benefits to another state. This change can only be made if you're moving to the new location permanently. If you don't plan to stay permanently, they will not grant the request.
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1. Secure a new address. You must have a new forwarding address in your new state in order for the SSA to make any changes to your account. 2. Contact your local Social Security office
Yes, contact the local SSI office and show them ID, birth certificate and last years tax return. On your next tax return you will find a spot to change your residence and where your
Hi. This is way too complicated to be done by e-mail. Call 1-800-224-6330 and you will get the local office of the SHIP program. These are Medicare trained counselors that can explain
If its a state school, you will get instate tuition. If you're getting paid in any way that's taxable, you'll be paying income taxes there already. Do you want to deal with filing
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Can I Transfer My SSI Benefits to Another State?
Prior to the implementation of the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program in 1974, aged, blind and disabled individuals applied for welfare assistance in individual counties of all 50 states. Recipients were not automatically eligible upon moving... More »
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