Can I Use 5w 30 instead of 5w 20?


5W30 is a thicker oil than 5W20 and does affect your engine slightly differently. Most manufacturer's will void your warranty if you do not use the prescribed oil. 5W20 is better for winter due to it being thinner and slides through engine parts better in winter.
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An oil rating, such as 5W-20 and 5W-30, indicates the viscosity of the motor oil. The viscosity rating is determined by the resistance to flow the oil exhibits under a given temperature
I run synthetic 5w20 in my NA 1998 V70 with no problem. I do change it every 3K and the engine has 125k on it now.
The 20w50 is the motor oil with the highest grade of viscosity. It is best
Use the recommended oil or you may burn the engine up. If it is too thin it will not lubricate properly, and too thick it won't pump then not lubricate at all!
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You can use any type of oil that you would like if you are driving a Dodge ram 1500. You can use 10W 30 if you would like for the warmer weather. You can use 5W ...
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