Can I Use a PCM out of a 1999 Jeep in a 2003?


Yes a 1999 Jeep pcm can be used for a 2003 Jeep. The ECM's/PCM's are built to support the same brand of vehicle. You might have to re-programme the ECM when you install it in another car.
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its near the driver fender towards the front of the hood has 3 circuits running into it.
There are four different models of the Jeep Grand Cherokee (3 in 1999) so the ratings are different for the models. Basically, there are two engine sizes, (6-cylinder 4.0 liter, and
There are a lot of things that will cause this. 1. Low battery voltage. 2. Flash tool has internal failure /issue. 3. Poor connections from flash tool. 4. Trying to flash the PCM
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