Can you use canola oil instead of vegetable oil?


Canola oil can be substituted for vegetable oil in baking, frying and sauteing. Canola oil has a neutral flavor, so it can be substituted for vegetable oil without affecting the flavor of the food.

Canola oil is expressed from rapeseed (related to mustard seed) and is the best heart-healthy choice for cooking oil, behind olive oil and sunflower oil. It is commonly used as a substitute for less-healthy oils, such as vegetable oil. Canola oil can be used for cooking and also in salad dressings. Individuals should try to find an organic canola oil, if possible, because rapeseed is generally treated with pesticides.

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The best is pure. canola. oil. That's if you want good tasting food. so the best is pure canola oil.
Canola oil (short for Canadian oil, low acid) is made from a cultivar of rapeseed selectively bred for lowered levels of erucic acid in order to make it fit for human consumption.
You sure can. As a matter of fact, canola
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