Can I Use Clorox to Shock My Pool?


You can use Clorox to shock you pool. You will have to use a good bit more Clorox than you would Liquid Shock. Liquid Shock is 12.5% sodium hypochlorite while Clorox is only 3% sodium hypochlorite.
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1. Using a DPD kit or a test strip, determine the amount of combined chlorine in the water. You will need approximately 10 times that amount of free chlorine to remove it. For example
Around two Clorox 182 oz jugs,
1. Shock the pool regularly. What determines "regular" will depend on the amount of swimmers using the pool and the temperature of the pool water. The best indicator is
"Shocking" or "super-chlorination" is a term used to describe a process by which the amount of
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To 'shock' a pool use a gallon of PLAIN 6% household bleach (watch out for the 3% bleach sold by Dollar General and others) will add about 6 ppm of chlorine to ...
Clorox can be used to treat a pool but it can cause damage to the pool, such as the liner. To use Clorox, only use a gallon of Clorox to every 10,00 gallons of ...
Depending on the conditions of the pool otherwise, you can generally swim within 8 hours of shocking the pool. The type of shock used will also have an effect ...
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