Can I Use Kerosene in My Oil Furnace?


You can use kerosene in your oil furnace as it will have the added advantage of burning more cleanly than conventional heating oil. The down side to using kerosene is that it will cost more per litre than heating oil.
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1. Locate the furnace. If the furnace is indoors away from the elements-such as in your basement-it likely uses heating oil. Furnaces exposed to the elements such as wind and the
The kerosene is a lighter oil. I think you would get more BTUs out of the heating oil. Just make sure that you are using the right fuel for the furnace that you have. Most now days
1. Turn the furnace off before starting any work on the. fuel pump. Ad. 2. Locate the bleed screw on the fuel pump near where the fuel line comes in. The screw is usually a small
Using the wrong fuel in your direct vent oil furnace will cause soot, which is a byproduct of the inefficient burn that can occur when you use the wrong type of fuel. Never place
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No, you cannot use kerosene in an oil furnace. Doing this will cause an explosion. Oil burns slower than kerosene and your heater has been calibrated to burn oil.
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