Can I Use Ketchup to Clean Brass?


You can use ketchup as well as Worcestershire sauce to clean brass. To achieve this, use a clean, moist cloth to rub the sauce into the piece of brass and then wipe it clean. The brass piece will glimmer like never before.
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1. Pour about 1 tsp. ketchup from the bottle onto a cleaning rag. 2. Rub the ketchup over the entire brass frame, leaving behind a thin layer of the ketchup. Let it sit on the brass
When you learn how to clean brass, you should be going for a warm, copper appearance. Brass is an alloy, or a combination of metals that include between 58 and 95 percent copper depending
1. Determine whether the object is really brass. Hold a magnet to the object. If the magnet sticks, the object either contains no brass or is just brass-plated. Do not use any sort
1. Put on rubber gloves to protect your skin and hands. Toilet bowl cleaner can be harmful if it comes into direct contact with your skin. 2. Apply some Lysol toilet bowl cleaner
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