Can I Use Non He Laundry Soap in a He Washing Machine?


You can use non HE laundry soap in an HE washing machine, but you should only do this when there are no options. HE soap is specially formulated to work in machines that use less water and energy. If you use regular laundry detergent then be sure to use much less than you normally would in a regular washing machine.
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1. Measure 1/4 of the usual amount of laundry soap into the soap dispenser. 2. Run your machine through its regular cycle. 3. Rinse the clothes again. Your regular cycle will have
You CAN use liquid laundry detergent on a front load washer. It is most likely a high-efficiency washer and can take liquid HE detergent, it runs about the same price and all the
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Laymens answer, HE detergents are concertrated to work with smaller amounts of water which is how the newer Washing machines work. Smaller amounts of water and higher aggitation speeds
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