Can I Use Olive Oil on My Face?


Olive oil can essentially be applied anywhere on the skin and body including your face. You can use Olive oil, coupled with castor oil to clean your face, but you may need to regulate the ratio of the oils depending on your skin type. You will need more olive oil for dry skin.
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The ancient Greeks and Egyptians benefited beautifully from this beauty secret. Although most people use olive oil to cook foods or dress a salad, it has been used cosmetically for
1 Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be used to remove makeup on its own- or with a little lemon juice which will help prevent breakouts at the same time . 2 Put olive oil on a cotton substance
You may know Olive Oil as that popular cartoon character who was best known as Popeye's girlfriend. It is also an item found in many household pantries. Olive Oil is a natural oil
It is said to make your skin softer and and puts lots of mineral on your face.
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Before you use olive oil on your face, do consider how dry skin your skin really is. If you have oily skin, opt for a different moisturizer. To use, simply take ...
There exists different remedies for dry skin depending on sensitivity of the skin. One good remedy is use of olive oil; slather the olive oil on your face and ...
Olive oil refers to a form of oil obtained from the olive, a traditional tree crop in the Mediterranean Basin. The oil is fabricated by grinding whole olives plus ...
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