Can I Use Powdered Sugar instead of Regular Sugar?


Powdered sugar can be used in icings, like royal icing. It can also be used for meringues and truffles. Powdered sugar is often used to decorate donuts.
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1. Pour the cup of sugar into your blender. 2. Place the lid on top of the container. Turn the lid so that the hole by the pouring spot is covered. 3. Run the blender on high for
1. Know what your recipe is asking for. Do you need the sifted sugar measured or the measured ingredients sifted. That is basically, do you sift before or after? The first one is
Answer Powdered sugar is packaged by weight, not volume. Any recipe is calling for a volume, so the volume it takes to equal a given weight of the dry substance being measured is
You can use regular sugar instead of powdered sugar if you
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Powdered sugar is finer than granulated sugar. It also has a sweeter taste. If you are using powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar, you should put in a little ...
It's not hard to find recipes for frosting that use confectioner's sugar or powdered sugar. But what about those times where your sweet tooth simply can't be satiated ...
Thickening frosting without powdered sugar involves combining cornstarch and granulated white sugar in a food processor. To thicken it, first you have to turn ...
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