Can I Watch a Clip on How to Make Silly Bandz at Home?


Yes you can watch clips on how to make silly bands at home. They are very fun and easy to make. You can watch several you tube clips on the internet for tips.
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What you Need - 1 tube of silicone sealant (found at hardware stores) - 1 oral syringe - 1-2 drops of food colouring - 1 square of waxed paper - 1 sticky note - 1 tooth pick - 1 pencil
Wait you mean the animal bracelets. You can't really make them at home. You have to have this special type of rubber and then put it into shape and then let it dry. But you should
Use cookie cutters to make molds, pour melted rubber and wait until it cools down. You can color with food dye.
[man knocks on the door] Johnny: Who is it? Snakes: [enters] It's me, Snakes. I got the stuff. Johnny: Leave it on the door step and get the hell outta here! Snakes: Alright Johnny,
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