Can I Wear a Black Blazer with Khaki Pants?


According to fashion experts such as Stacy London and Clinton Kelley of TLC's "What Not to Wear" television show, black and khaki are both neutral colors and can be worn together. However, London warns against wearing too much black near the face, which can be aging.
Q&A Related to "Can I Wear a Black Blazer with Khaki Pants?"
I would go with the khakis. If you wore one of the blue pairs it would be overwhelming.
Red, green, blue, and possibly pink. Source(s): Just my opinion.
Really any color matches well with a nice pair of black pants. White or light blue is classic and clean. If you want something bold, go with a shade of red or purple or green. Orange
Hey. I would consider the blazer to be a statement piece to your outfit, also lengthening and slimming your body with the use of vertical stripes. The blazer creates a masculine look
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