Can I Wet My Hair after a Perm?


You should not wet your hair after a perm. Hair experts recommend that you allow the hair to normalise and fully fine-tune to the new wave patterns. The recommended waiting period is 48 hours. After this time has passed, you can comfortably wet the hair and style it however you want and still achieve long lasting results.
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After perming your hair, it is important to help it adjust to the chemicals and recover from the perming process. Allow the hair to neutralize the chemicals from the perm simply by
1. Wait at least 3 days to wash newly permed hair, or your perm would not last as long. Ad. 2. Use hair care products that are safe for permed hair . 3. Wash your hair gently (don't
you should wait 48 hours after getting a perm to shampoo the hair. you may, however,wet it with water if re-styling is needed during that time.
yes, it's ok and u can use conditioner also to help repair the damage of the perm and help out the awful smell until u can wash it. when u can wash it, it's best to leave the shampoo
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Can I Wet My Hair After a Perm?
Perming is a chemical process that is performed on the hair to make it curly. Perms wrap hair in a variety of different-sized rollers. The different sizes of the rod rollers are what determines the size of the curl. Big rollers will give the hair big... More »
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The rule is to wait at least 24 hours before you get your hair wet and 48 hours before you apply any shampoo. Shampoo or water will act a relaxer and will loosen ...
To wash hair after a perm, you should allow at least 24 hours of rest period. To get better results, you can wait up to 72 hours. Use shampoo and conditioner that ...
A perm is a chemical process used to change the texture of the hair from straight to curly. After applying the perm, it is best to avoid shampooing your hair for ...
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