Can I Work for the Rspca without Qualifications?


The RSPCA is a non-governmental organisation that deals with animal welfare. The most important qualification required by the organisation is that you must have complete compassion for all animals and their welfare. This organization supports the welfare for all animals in need of homes, medical attention and abuse situations. It is therefore quite possible to work for the RSPCA without qualifications.
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maths English science defo , don't think you need any others , but don't forget you need good manners and patience : xxx. Hope this helps , i wanna work for the RSPCA but im too young
1. Use your education. If you're a recent college graduate, odds are you don't have all of the qualifications for any of the job ads in your field. But you just spent four to five
HA, The RSPCA will involve you driving around, putting animals down; not saving them. Look at these Facts/Articles:…
Entry criteria •Minimum of 5 GCSE A-C passes/O Levels (or equivalent) and relevant experience. •Strong interpersonal skills - experience in the successful management of
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