Can Kerosene Be Used in Diesel Engines?


You can use kerosene in diesel engines to thin (reduce viscosity) the diesel. When diesel is mixed with kerosene, the diesel fuel cannot undergo gelling in cold weather. Diesel engines are designed in a way that they can run on low volatility oil based fuel.
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1. Check the vehicle's instrument panel fuel gauge to determine the amount of fuel present. If the truck is outfitted with a reserve or auxiliary tank, add that amount of fuel into
kerosene is thick fuel. when it will pass through fuel injection left it sticky and there will be a very adverse effect on the piston.
Kerosene is #1 fuel oil while diesel is #2 oil. You can burn either in a diesel enginewithout problems but #1 fuel will be less efficient because #2 has more BTUs per gallon. #1 fuel
First things first, a high compression ratio is something we want to have, because the engine's thermodynamic efficiency is directly proportional to it. Of course it is possible to
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