Can Lemon Juice Make Dark Skin People Skin Lighter?


Lemon can be used to lighten dark skin. To do so, you need to soak cotton wool in the fresh lemon juice then sprinkle a table spoon of sugar in the cotton. Use the cotton to gently rub your skin in a circular motion then rinse it with warm water.
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Countless skin products exist to erase blemishes, freckles and even out skin tone. Some of these products work, while others don’t. Since many of these products are expensive,
Personally,over experience, lime juice works sooo much better! All you do is, after a shower or bath just squirt the juice on your and and rub it on places such as your elbow or knee
Lemon is a better way to lighten skin because
1. Wash yourself with lemon juice every night. Your skin will be fresh all day. Ad. 2. Try olive oil for dry skin. Pour the oil over yourself and rub it everywhere so as not to forget
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There are commercial skin lighteners on the market to help bleach your skin. Lemon juice can also help to get rid of some skin discoloration. ...
You can use lemon juice as a natural way to lighten dark spots on the skin. The most effective method is by using the juice of fresh squeezed lemons. Simply apply ...
A natural way to make brown skin lighter would be to apply lemon juice to the skin or rub a slice of lemon over the face. You could also purchase a skin lightening ...
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