Can Lemon Lighten My Skin Tone?


Lemon can lighten your skin tone. Consuming lemon juice with water kills bacteria that causes acne, protects your skin from free radicals, and has lots of antioxidants due to high Vitamin C content.
Q&A Related to "Can Lemon Lighten My Skin Tone?"
You can try skin lightening pills, it will help lighten your skin tone. I would highly recommend it as I have tried it and it works.…
Slice a raw potato and apply it to areas where your skin tone is uneven.
Your going to have to get a skin bleach, something you can use on your skin that wont harm it, cocoa butter will take to long, and from what I know it only heals, I have never seen
Here are some tipis: In the sun use high SPF sunblock even if you dont plan on going out. Get more Vitamin A,E,C,I recommend hair skin and nails its packed with vitamins you need)
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