Can Leopard Geckos Eat Fruit?


Studies show that Leopard geckos eat small amounts of fruit in the wild. It may be a good idea to keep fruit baby food instead of giving whole fruits to avoid choking problems.
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Leopard geckos are meat-eaters. NO FRUIT. Its best to feed your gecko insects like crickets : )
Geckos eat a variety of worms and crickets. Feed crickets as one of the main foods to a leopard gecko. Use commercially grown live or freeze-dried crickets that have been gut loaded
All of them. Leopard Geckos are carnivores. Here are some links. Read up and don't forget the calcium powder . :) Source(s):… http:
1. Baby leopard geckos must eat a lot! Try to feed him chicken (only chicken! baby food. It will "jump start" his craving to eat. Put some on his nose and he will lick it
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Leopard geckos do not usually eat fruit. Although you can still try feeding them since every gecko's preferences varies.
Leopard Geckos primarily eat grubs, worms, insects, crickets, and spiders. Fruit is not part of their prey-type diet and may not be good for them. Vitamins and supplements, along with chemical-free water, are also part of a healthy Leopard Gecko's diet.
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Some of the foods that leopard geckos eat include crickets, mealworms, super worms, wax worms, and baby mice. Ensure it gets enough fresh water and supplements ...
The Leopard gecko has a diverse diet that includes: insect larvae's such as meal worms, crickets, moths and spiders, they however do not eat dead insects. Leopard ...
Small insects and worms make up Geckos' main source of diet. Geckos should be fed crickets twice a day until they are 7 months old. Once they are over ...
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