Can Lightning Strike Twice?


A popular myth is that lightning cannot strike the same place twice, but nothing could be further from the truth. Lightning does, can and will strike the same exact place more than once. The truth of it is, lightning is simply trying to balance a charge separation; positive and negative.
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Fairly good, actually. For example, lightning strikes the Empire State Building several hundred times a year, because it's tall. Contrary to the old saying, lightning is really somewhat
Lightning will strike either within a cloud, from one cloud to another cloud, or from a cloud to earth. If lightning strikes the earth it can hit anything such as a person, car, house
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Why doesnt lightning strike the same place
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Some myths about lightning include the idea that it never strikes the same place twice, that rubber tires on a car insulate it from being struck, and that if someone ...
Lightning is a very powerful force of nature. It is raw electrical current that is produced and clouds and shoots down towards the earth. Lightning strikes can ...
Lightning is hot enough when it strikes to melt sand into glass. To put things into perspective, when lightning strikes, it heats the air around it to nearly twice ...
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