Can Lime Kill Fleas That Are outside?


Lime can be used to kill fleas that are outside. However, for best results, it is advised that you use hydrated or agricultural lime. Lime works by dehydrating the fleas as well as their eggs.
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Remove debris, leaves and anything else that covers the moist lawn, using a shovel or rake. Raking also lightly tills the soil, bringing fleas and their eggs to the surface. If necessary
Set some sticky traps out to catch them. Plus you will catch spiders and other bugs also.
A flea infestation can occur in any pet owner's home. Cats and dogs can bring these pests indoors where they can then breed and become difficult to eliminate. Prevention is the best
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You can kill fleas by using hydrated lime. You will want to use it on your lawn. Be sure you sprinkle it all over outside. Once you have done that you will also ...
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