Can Maggots Live in the Human Body?


Maggots, larvae of a fly, can live in the human body. Some fly species like the Tumbu or putsi fly in Africa, lay their eggs on dirty or damp clothes hung to dry outside. The larvae later hatch and invade region of skin in direct contact with the clothes.
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It's not likely that it would, since the overall zero-gravity environment [i.e. radiation] presents too many problems. The best way to think of this is to consider what selection
Magggots are used in hospital's, started in england labritory grown baby maggots, or placed on open wounds,mostly diabetic wounds were dead tissue is found.Maggot's only eat the dead
Maggots are the larva stage for houseflies, although other insects' larva are sometimes called maggots too. Typically, flies will land and lay eggs on something that is decaying and
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