Can Maggots Live in Your Body?


Though it rarely happens, maggots can live in your body, an event known as myiasis. This is more common with certain fly species in areas like Africa and the Americas, or in the sub-tropics. Often myiasis occurs when a fly lays eggs on an open wound.
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A fly laid its eggs in the body. The eggs hatched into maggots. That's what a maggot is - the larval form of a fly. It is probably one of a few species of insects that have a stinger-like
1. Use sterile saline solution to flush the maggots from the wound. You can find sterile saline in your local pharmacy in the eye care section. Squirt the solution into the wound
The body temperature of a maggot will be similar to it's surrounding
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Maggots can live in your body when they are accidentally swallowed in contaminated food. They can also gain access to human body when they get contact with the urogenital tract in situations of poor hygiene.
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