Can Mars Support Life?


Mars is not in a position to support life as there is some ice at the poles and possibly some water in underground repositories. Gravity on mars is 38 percent as strong on Earth and the atmosphere there is thin and comprises mostly of carbon dioxide. However, a new study reveals that there are parts of Mars that may have been modified by liquid water.
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Mars unlike earth is to cold has a little bit of water and oxygen. it cant support human life- but there may be other creatures out there there on planet Mars that it can support
There's no proof Mars cannot support life. It cannot support human life, but there may
Completely closed life support systems are very complicated and difficult to build. As a rule of thumb, the complexity (and hence unreliability) is exponential in the efficiency fraction
It may be able to [support life]. Mars [below the poles] has an average temperature that ranges from 1° F, ( -17.2° C) to -178° F (-107° C). And while the Atmosphere
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Scientists working on the Phoenix Mars Lander mission have said that Martian soil appears to contain the requirements to support life, although more work is needed to prove it.
In it's current state Mars is not capable of supporting life. There is new evidence showing that Mars at one point did have water which is the basis of all life forms.
Mars, the mysterious red planet has been the subject of much research. We know that we, as humans, cannot survive in that atmosphere. However, scientists are still trying to find out if life can exist on Mars. You can find more information here:
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