Can Matter Be Destroyed?


Matter can't be destroyed completely. It changes form, for instance a tree can catch on fire but the tree doesn't disappear even though what we think of as a tree is no longer there. The trees matter has been broken down into it's initial elements, carbon, ash, oxygen, all of these and many more still exist in the same amount as they had before.
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We know that matter and energy can be converted into each other, in accordance with Einstein's famous formula, e = mc. 2. Mass-energy is conserved, which is to say, you can convert
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Permanent matter creation isn't obviously impossible from what we know about physics. Firstly, matter isn't conserved. Special relativity says that the sum of matter and energy is
You cannot create or destroy matter or energy.
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'Matter is neither created nor destroyed,' is one of the most famous quotes in science. The phrase was coined by Antoine Laurent Lavoisier. Although he is credited ...
The law of conservation of matter states that matter cannot be destroyed or created in a closed system. This law is sometimes called the principle of matter conservation ...
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