Can Matter Be Destroyed?


Matter can't be destroyed completely. It changes form, for instance a tree can catch on fire but the tree doesn't disappear even though what we think of as a tree is no longer there. The trees matter has been broken down into it's initial elements, carbon, ash, oxygen, all of these and many more still exist in the same amount as they had before.
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The law of conservation of matter states that matter cannot be created or destroyed in an ordinary chemical reaction.
Tectonic plates move atop the molten magma of the Earth's mantle, interacting with each other in three primary ways. When plates move apart, they create a divergent boundary. Divergent
So I'm interpreting this as "destroying all matter but leaving the Universe otherwise in tact". The easiest way of doing this is to grab a bunch (and I mean a lot -- like
The Law of Conservation of Energy
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