Can Men Get Head Lice?


Men can get head lice since they too have hair but is most common in women and children below nine years. The lice are only spread through pro-longed close head to head contact or sharing of combs and hats and not by air as they cannot fly, hop or jump. The lice are egg laying parasites that feed constantly on blood and if removed from the host for over 24 hours they perish.
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Getting rid of head lice is a pain in the butt. You need to buy a treatment from your local pharmacy. Use it on your hair. Also, wash all sheets, pillows, and other bedding.
1. Avoid direct head-to-head contact with a person who has head lice. Keep hats and combs in an isolated area and do not share with others. 2. Tightly braid long hair to reduce the
You can get lice by sharing combs, brushes or hair ties with someone who has the bug. You can even get it by putting your head on their pillow or hugging them. I got lice once from
While rumor has it that head lice only attacks "dirty people", or is something that only "poor people" get, I can attest to the fact that head lice does not care
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You cannot effectively treat head lice with Listerine. If you do not want to use a chemical treatment, you can try tea tree oil. ...
If you suspect you have somehow acquired the notoriously itchy head lice, it is possible to check yourself for them without assistance from others. Find a mirror ...
Listerine should not be used for the treatment of head lice. The Listerine product label clearly states that 'Do not administer to children below 12 years of age ...
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