Can Men Take Prenatal Vitamins?


Its not recommended that men take prenatal vitamins because its for women who are trying to conceive. Some nutrients in prenatal vitamins may cause problems for the male population. Always talk to your doctor before taking medication to find out the benefits and risks.
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A woman should take prenatal vitamins from the moment she finds out she is pregnant. If you decide to nurse your baby you would want to continue them at least until you stop breastfeeding
The March of Dimes suggests taking a prenatal vitamin before getting pregnant. The prenatal vitamin is a strong source of folic acid, which helps prevent birth defects and is strongly
Prenatal vitamins aren't harmful to men, but can cause upset stomach,
just keep taking them as normal and try to maintain your proper diet.
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Prenatal vitamins may be taken by men as they aid men with low levels or deficiencies of certain nutrients. They may however have adverse effects on men as they contain higher proportions of certain nutrients needed by pregnant women and not by men such as iron, an excess of which could cause gastrointestinal problems, liver problems and dangerously low blood pressure. Excess calcium in men can increase the risk of heart diseases.
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Yes, it is safe to take prenatal vitamins as a multi vitamin. ...
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