Can Men Wear Leotards and Tights?


Leotards and tights are usually worn by women as a replacement for stockings or panty hose. Women wear them under skirts or slacks. Men can wear leotards or tights if they feel comfortable to do so. Some men may prefer to wear these items in the comfort of their home rather than in public. There are men that wear these items while practicing or performing ballet. It is up to the individual what they decide to wear.
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I know I do. I love the feel of nylon/Lycra on my body. I wish it were more accepted by the public. I would wear it everywhere! Ya like its so rad like totally i love em im not gay
I'm willing to entertain the idea that Hedi Slimane of Dior Homme popularized the skinny silhouette for men at the turn of the millennium: The popularization of the skinny silhouette
this is going to sound strange but for a talent show, about 20 of my guy friends wore tights and shorts for their little parody of men in tights. they were astounded by how amazing
Some men like to wear tights because they like the feel of them. Others like male ballet
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Ballet dancers often wear tight-fitting leotards, as well as prop costumes depending on the performance. Both men and women wear the tight-fitting clothing, which ...
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