Can Monkeys Swim?


Most primates have a tendency to stay away from water, but some species possess the ability to swim. The few species that can swim tend to stay mostly in the shallows, sometimes reportedly testing the depth of a body of water with a stick.
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Monkeys can swim but will only do so when absolutely necessary. Many species of monkeys such as the proboscis monkey, crab-eating macaque, and Rhesus macaque swim regularly so as to escape from predators.
Some monkeys can swim and a few are actually good as it. However, most monkeys are afraid of deep water and avoid it - some cannot swim at all. Since they have very little fat and a lot of muscle, they sink quickly.
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Most monkeys can swim, but avoid it unless necessary to escape a predator.
1 Get used to the water. Go into very shallow water, and just get a feel for it. Splash a little, put your head under the water, blow bubbles, whatever. "Scull", or move
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Monkeys are very capable natural swimmers. However, they rarely venture into water unless it is really necessary. In order to keep your monkey in good health, ...
Monkeys do swim. However, they rarely do so unless it is extremely necessary for instance to get away from an enemy. Other species such as the proboscis monkeys ...
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